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Use: As chelating agent and leavening agent; quality improver of meat, ham and crab.
Appearance: white powder

    Item     Food  Grade
  Standard   HG2928-1999
  CAS#   7758-16-9
  H.S.CODE   2835 3900 90
  Disodium dihydrogenpyrophosphate ( Na2H2P2O7), %   ≥95.0
  pH-value(1% water sol.)   4.0-0.5
  Insoluble, %   ≤1.0
  As, %   ≤0.0003
  Heavy metal (Pb), %   ≤0.001
  Fluoride (F), %   ≤0.005

Packing: Net 25kg, plastic woven bags lining PP or PE bags (or upon clients' requests).

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